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Angel Shot Reading

Angel Shot Reading

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All readings are done via video chat and you will receive full instructions on how to attend your appointment by email.

Introducing this new service which is very close to Psychic Medium Jesse King’s Heart. Throughout his career Jesse has provided a private and safe space for many of his clients to work through, confess and get guidance on their trauma. Whether this be Domestic Violence, childhood sexual assault, or any other abuse that should never have been inflicted upon you. The greatest honour Jesse has ever received was that multiple men, woman and teenagers have felt safe enough to open up about their abuse to him. We have introduced this new session specifically just to give everyone the opportunity to have a safe space in a zero judgement environment. Too many people bury their abuse as they are not prepared for what’s next should they come out about it. This reading is designed to offer spiritual guidance and support for victims of ANY kind of abuse. We GUARANTEE: • Confidentiality • No judgement • No obligation • To respect your wishes at all times. How the reading works. You can book this reading with no obligation to say anything. Jesse will treat it as a normal tarot reading. Jesse will provide multiple points throughout the reading to talk to him about anything. If you feel comfortable and safe, You can confide in Jesse anything you wish, and Jesse will use the powerful guidance of tarot cards to guide you through your next steps if any, and your healing. If you get to the end of the session and don’t feel ready to open up… Well you’ve had a wonderful reading anyway. We understand that it may or may not take a couple of attempts. Whatever is said to Jesse throughout the reading, zero action will be taken our end unless you request us too. This is your safe space. Everyone at TPE wants you to fully understand you will never be alone with us around. We have got you, and we will support you through anything and everything.


Please note that we can only offer a reschedule of your appointment for your appointment not going ahead because of problems of no fault of ours, should we be notified 7 days before the appointment. For the rare instance we can not complete your appointment for any fault of our own, a full refund or a reschedule will be offered to you. By booking this appointment you agree to these terms.

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