Psychic Medium Jesse King

The UK's leading psychic medium.

Prof. Jesse King, who has been investigating the paranormal realm for over a decade, specialises in Psychic and Tarot Readings and is known for his unique board sessions. 

Jesse has worked on many high profile investigations for many celebrities and international landmarks. He does not shy away from a challenge and has travelled the globe, getting incredible, undeniable results from the paranormal world. 

Prof. King has a star studded client base and his gift is trusted by some of the hottest names in Hollywood and the UK's fame circuit. Having appeared on TV many times alongside A-listers, Prof. King is used by many of the famous elite as a spiritual adviser.

Jesse King is voted the UK’s leading psychic. 

"I started this journey at birth, I was born psychic and was nurtured through to my teens by my spirit guide who is called Rose. At 16 years old I started this company as a hobby, it was about 5 years later that it actually turned into a functional business rather than a hobby and I transitioned into doing it full time. I never looked back."

"The biggest thing about being psychic is turning negativity into positivity and I feel very lucky that I am able to have such an impact on people’s lives every day"