Welcome to The Paranormal Emporium

Offering a range of services to clients interested in the spiritual realm or requiring our help with a paranormal issue.

At The Paranormal Emporium we have been investigating paranormal activity for over a quarter of a century. We have been lucky enough to witness some amazing things through our work and possess the skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients are secure and confident when involved in any paranormal situation. 


Our team is led by Prof. Jesse King, a renowned and gifted Psychic Medium having studied a broad range of aspects of the paranormal. An expert in most paranormal fields and the ONLY psychic who has a PhD in Parapsychology. (The study of the paranormal world)


With a passion for passing on messages from loved ones, offering guidance, hypnotherapy sessions, as well as having fun at ghost hunts, we hope our services can benefit your life for the better.