At The Paranormal Emporium, we hold events throughout the year that can include ghost hunts, paranormal investigations and group hypnotherapy sessions and everything inbetween. Find out what's next and join us!

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Anxiety Removal Event
Anxiety Removal Event


29th Feb at 19:00 uk time. 

Join Jesse King who is a qualified Hypnotherapist with 10 years experience as he hosts a zoom event that will remove any kind of anxiety from you, and install coping techniques to ensure it never returns. 


These popular events sell out regularly and we have 1000's of reviews on our social media from 1000's of attendees who have got their life back from mental health and are now living a better quality of life... ANXIETY FREE!


All you need is:

  1. A room where you will not be disturbed for around an hour.
  2. Headphones are optional, some prefer them, others don't.
  3. A good internet connection.
  4. Somewhere to lay down for the session.

And Jesse will do the rest. 

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Anxiety Removal Event

Anxiety Removal Event

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